Workshop Sessions

This year we are offering a number of exclusive workshop sessions the morning after the main conference. These are limited to 25 attendees per session and cost £35 per session. Read on to find out more about these sessions and what they will be covering.

I’d like to see a nurse please – championing the nurse consult

Nicola Ackerman

The role of veterinary nurses has changed greatly over the last 20 years; from kennel maids to registered responsible professionals, with VN qualifications from level three through to level seven and with multiple opportunities to specialise. One of these areas is in the field of consulting. Utilisation of RVNs in this role has many advantages, including increases quality of life for the patient, better client education and compliance, and better job retention for those nurses that are able to use their qualifications to the fullest potential. This workshop will look at consultation techniques, ways to keep to time, increasing confidence in consulting and content.

Workshop One: Stream One

09:15 – 11:15

Does your practice have ‘cattitude’? How to make your practice cat friendly

Sarah Endersby

A positive attitude (cattitude) towards cats is key to promoting the best possible experience for your feline patients. The benefits of being cat friendly are not limited to having more relaxed cats and owners (who are more likely to become bonded clients), but includes an improved working environment for the veterinary team. There are many elements involved in creating a cat friendly clinic, including the clinic’s colleagues, equipment within the clinic and the building itself. During this workshop we will be investigating these areas and discussing ways of providing creative solutions to make your clinic as cat friendly as possible.

Workshop One: Stream Two

09:15 – 11:15

Bandaging Angels to the rescue: protect your wound care and bandaging skills from unravelling

Kassie Hill and Ali King

This bandaging workshop will update veterinary nurses on the latest principles of bandaging with a focus on reducing complications.

A short lecture will cover the physics involved in bandaging complications after which a range of practicals will allow you to put your skills, knowledge and logic to the test.

The session will be run by the Veterinary Wound Library Bandaging Angels who will be on hand throughout to help delegates master the challenges provided.

Learning outcomes, delegates will:
1. Understand the principles of bandaging
2. Appreciate the forces involved in the cause of bandage injuries and how to avoid them
3. Be able to choose appropriate bandaging materials for cats and dogs
4. Be able to competently bandage a tail, foot, limb and head
5. Be able to apply fix and remove a tie over dressing

Workshop Two: Session One

11:30 – 13:30

Blood, sweat and smears

Samantha Tanfield

An interactive session on Basic Haematology for VNs with some practical aspects. The session will describe how VNs can collect samples correctly to ensure good diagnostic results and how to create a good quality blood smear to examine in-house, alongside in-house analysers. You will be able to identify the most seen blood cells in their healthy state, and some of the morphological changes that take place in inflammation and in different types of anaemia, with time for questions throughout, and at the end of the session.

Workshop Two: Session Two

11:30 – 13:30

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